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Hi, I'm Marisa

Web Design & Online marketing

Crafting intuitive business transformations through creative web design, social media marketing, and SEO. With expertise in Business and Marketing and a passion for art, I drive connections, conversions, and authentic audience relationships.

Vancouver Island, Canada & Zürich, Switzerland

About Me

& My dog (of course)

I'm Marisa Turner, the creative mind behind Marisa Turner Design. With a keen focus on cultivating strong client relationships, my background in business, marketing, and passion for art sets the stage for a unique approach to design.

I believe in capturing the true essence and core of a business, translating it into compelling visual narratives that evoke emotion and ignite connection; captivate and convert.

Specializing in the intersection of marketing consultancy and design, I integrate creativity and strategic insight into Web Design, Social Media Marketing, and SEO to deeply resonate with the human experience of those engaging with your business.

When I'm away from my laptop, you'll find me immersed in Zürich's vibrant culture, brainstorming community-building initiatives, or exploring the Swiss countryside with Jasper, my now internationally cultured Boston Terrier. Since making the move from Vancouver Island to Zürich, each new experience sparks my creativity and infuses our projects with novel inspiration and perspective.